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Frequently Asked Questions

Client support is a top priority at ClikNview. Please browse the FAQs below and if you require further assistance, shoot us a message at and we will get back to you ASAP.

  • When you create an event, ClikNview allows you to enter your client’s contact information, which includes their email address and cell phone number. Once you have uploaded all of the required media (photos and video) for review, you simply click “Request Edits” and ClikNview will reach out to the client on your behalf using the contact information entered. It is important to always make sure you have the correct email address and SMS capable mobile number on file.
  • No, ClikNview is an entirely web-based platform and does not require the downloading or installation of any additional software. It works through your web browser (on desktop, laptop, mobile, and tablet).
  • Once clients accept the invite to view the event they are taken to our video player with a user friendly start/stop functionality with corresponding annotation tools which allows them to leave notes for your editing teams to follow. Your clients can also add media files with corresponding notes such as music, photos and supplemental video which you can download and add to the final cut of the video.
  • Once clients have completed their notes and annotations and added all of the supplemental media (photos, music and video), they click “Submit” which submits their notes directly to you. ClikNview reaches out to you on their behalf via email and SMS text messaging letting you know that the project has moved forward to the next milestone and give your editing team the heads up to log in and continue work.
  • When you create an event and indicate that a balance is due, then your clients will automatically be notified to pay the balance either in person or via ClikNview (we do not charge any additional fees to you). In either case, your clients’ event will be locked until the balance has been paid through ClikNview or directly to you in person, at which point you can check off the box that states “Balance paid.”
  • Each project is active for 18-months following the date of creation. So if you create a project on January 1, 2020, then the photos and videos for this project will be active until July 1, 2021. Once expired, all of the photos and videos will be removed so that you can create more projects. The subscription plans come with the Backup option which automatically saves the original upload files even after the expiration date.

    In essence, when the project expires, your clients will no longer have access to view the photos or videos. Your clients can continue to keep the project active if they’d like to retain ownership by paying a small annual fee. They will be notified before the expiration date so that they can pay for the annual fee.

    Please note that for most subscription plans, the Backup option is automatically included and allows the Cinematographer or Photographer to ensure that the data is safe and downloadable. It is not intended to be streamed. Once the project is created, all files are streamable for 18-months by both you and your clients. After the 18-months, the files will no longer be streamable unless your clients decide to pay the small annual fee. However, rest assured that your files are still safe and secure as long as your subscription plan is current. You can download those files at any time.
  • A project is created to share the videos and/or photos for a particular event. Each project is associated with only one event (i.e. wedding, birthday, etc.). For each project created, you can select to either have the videos and/or photos delivered digitally so that your clients can view, share, and download them. Or, you can utilize ClikNview’s Video Review and Photo Selection tools to help with the editing and reviewing process of draft videos, and the photo selection process for print.
  • The ClikNview’s Video Review Tool is a powerful yet simple way of having your clients review and suggest any edits that they may have. This tool is utilized by cinematographers to get feedback from their clients for the draft version of their event video. Once your clients have finalized their notes for the draft video, you will be notified to review and make the corresponding changes in the final version of the video production.
  • During the Video Review process, only the designated clients can view the wedding video. In other words, if you create a project for Jack and Jill’s wedding, then only Jack and Jill can view the draft version of their wedding video. Once they have decided to either accept the draft video as is (e.g. not ask for any edits), or they finalize their edit requests, then you will be notified via email to review and make the corresponding change for the final version of the production, which your clients will be able to share.
  • In some cases, when you create a project and input a client’s name, it might change. This is not your fault and it is not in error. Your client can change their name when they log into their account.

    Here’s an example of why this happens. Let’s assume your clients had hired a different photographer for their engagement and ClikNview was used to share those images. Then, after the wedding you created a project to deliver the photos. Whatever name the initial photographer had used for your client is going to be the registered name.
  • Because of the large quantity of data associated with media files, the bulk of the time will likely be spent uploading the data to ClikNview. Once we have the data on the platform, we run some processing on it (e.g, transcoding for videos and resizing for photos), which can also contribute to the latency. Rest assured, though, our infrastructure is very robust and ClikNview supports resumable uploads in case the connection is interrupted. We do recommend using a wired connection for improved stability and performance. The best part is you can continue using your computer until the files are ready, just make sure to keep the ClikNview browser tab open until the upload is complete. As soon as the files are uploaded and processed, we will notify you via email. We have found that uploading overnight usually works well since the network is less congested. If you kick off the upload at around 8pm, the media files should be on the platform and ready to go by the time you wake up in the morning.

    For convenience, we are including some estimates that should give you a better idea of what to expect in terms of upload times. The two factors are upload speed and file size.

    Upload Speed Data Size Upload Time (approximate)
    10Mbps 40GB 9 hours 32 minutes
    20Mbps 20GB 2 hours 23 minutes
    10Mbps 20GB 4 hours 46 minutes
    10Mbps 10GB 2 hours 23 minutes
    5Mbps 8GB 3 hours 49 minutes
    2Mbps 5GB 5 hours 57 minutes

    As you can see from the table above, larger files will take much longer to upload. For this reason, we have included recommended guidelines for encoding videos to upload to ClikNview. The guidelines ensure a good ratio of video quality to file size. You can find details in the compression guidelines documented here.