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  • Video Review Tool
    Clients can review the video on their smartphone, tablet, or computer and can add timestamped annotations. This makes it easier for your editing team to go over detailed notes from clients, keep track of which ones have been addressed, and deliver a final product that exceeds expectations.
    Video Review Tool
  • Client Media Assets
    Send a detailed request to your clients to upload media (video clips, photos, or music) to incorporate into the initial cut. Later, if your client wants to add an obscure song in the background of a particular scene, they can upload an audio file and attach it to the appropriate point in the video timeline. Manage all of the client-uploaded media in a centralized dashboard.
  • Secure Video File Transfer
    Deliver videos to your clients with security and speed. Depending on your subscription plan, you can transfer up to 60GB of files. Your clients will be able to download the original file that you upload and it eliminates the need for handing off DVDs or hard drives.
  • Chromecast Support
    Play the video on any Chromecast-enabled device. Clients have the added convenience of casting the video on their TV and adding annotations on their smartphone.
  • Watermark Protection
    All edit videos are protected with a watermark. This is a great visual indicator that the video is not final, especially in cases when there is an outstanding balance on the account.
  • Video Streaming and Sharing
    Edit video can be streamed by your clients for the review process. Once the final cut is uploaded, your clients can stream, download, and share the video with family and friends.
  • Multiple rounds of editing (New)
    We sometimes get feedback from cinematographers and their clients that a single round of editing is not sufficient. That's why we're working on enabling multiple rounds of collaborative editing through the platform.
  • Highlight Reel (Coming Soon)
    Some clients prefer to have a short highlight reel in addition to a longer-form feature film for their special day. Soon, you will have the ability to upload the two videos independent of each other. Clients can set the privacy and sharing settings separately for the two, in case they want to share the highlight reel with a wider audience.


  • Photo Proofing
    Create folders with instructions on how many photos your clients should add to it (e.g., 40 images need to be selected for the print album). Download the entire folder with the original images you uploaded, or download a list of the file names.
  • Favorites Folders
    Clients can create their own folders to add photos to. You can track those folders and download all of the images in their original quality.
  • Gallery Sharing
    Robust sharing options give your client full control over who views the gallery and for how long. They can share the gallery using secure, password-protected links or can send email invitations directly to family and friends.
  • File Transfer
    Clients can download the images you upload into the gallery. You control whether they can download the original quality images or the reduced resolution HQ images.
  • Album Layout Review (New)
    You will soon have the ability to upload mockups for the print album layout. Your clients can review the album and leave detailed comments for you. Use this tool to capture all feedback from your clients before ordering those costly prints.

Universal Features

  • Project Dashboard
    Detailed dashboard shows you all the information for a given project, including actionable statuses, client access dates, and much more.
    Video Review Tool
  • Deadline Controls and Enforcement
    Set a deadline for your clients to finish reviewing the photos or edit video (3 days to 6 months). We will automatically send reminder emails so that you don't have to reach out to your clients.
  • Client Access Tracking
    Track when your clients first access their project and the last time they’ve logged in. This way it is tracked and documented so that your business is protected.
    Video Review Tool
  • Resumable Uploads
    You work with large amounts of data, so file uploads can seem daunting. Our platform is built on top of stable infrastructure that ensures your files are uploaded without a hitch. In the rare case when an upload is interrupted (e.g., due to network connectivity issues), resumable uploads allow you to pick up where you left off. Just select the same files and let ClikNview do the rest.
  • Payment Processing
    Collect payments through the platform. If there is an outstanding balance due, your clients will be locked-out from viewing the final cut of their video until they pay.
  • Branding
    Branding for your business is prominently displayed in all interactions that your client has with the platform. We include your logo and company name in email communications sent from ClikNview as well as showing the logo on all pages for the given project. When clients share their videos or photos, the guests they invite to the platform will also clearly see who is behind the production of the content.
  • Password Protection
    Every project is password protected and only the clients you designate can access, stream, and download the files.
  • File Backup
    ALL of your uploaded files are backed up in their original quality (available for subscription plans only).
  • Support for Audio Files (New)
    Audio content such as music or podcasts often requires collaboration between multiple people. The editing and annotation capabilities that you know and love are now available for audio content as well. Invite a client or a partner to collaborate on your audio editing workflow today!
  • Embeddable Media (Coming Soon)
    We know how important it is for a business to have its own website and to use it to showcase all the amazing content that you create. For this reason, we are working on making all the videos and photos that you upload to ClikNview embeddable in your website using a snippet of code.
  • In-app Messaging (New)
    ClikNview has a lot of neat tools that have been sculpted for the workflow of cinematographers and photographers. Although these tools are powerful and specialized, sometimes you just need a free form messaging capability to fill the gaps in communication. In-app messaging capability allows you to keep all of your client communication in one place.